It's Your Heritage

This is your heritage: clean water, blue skies, vast vistas, rolling native grasslands, cowboys, cattle and wildlife. And then the mountains; majestic backbone of North America. It has attracted and sustained Albertans and Native Peoples for generations but it's threatened.

The native grasses of the Pekisko Lands protect the watersheds of Southern Alberta, capture more carbon than a forest, nurture more wildlife than the national parks, attract tourists and provide a backdrop to Calgary. It's a place where legends begin.

It's About Choices

The native grasslands that are so important to the watershed functioning and wildlife habitat of the Eastern Slopes is gradually being lost. The choice to protect this foothills ecosystem would be wise as it will ultimately benefit all of us in southern Alberta.

Coal Mine 2020

An open-pit coal mine in the headwaters of the Oldman River is currently being proposed by an Australian coal company. It has the potential to leach a variety of pollutants into the river thus affecting downstream communities who depend on it for water. Read More

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